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Single Face Machine Screw Jacks

Single Face Machine Screw Jacks are the most widely used mechanical actuator for intermittent duty cycles as the actuator incorporates a precision worm gear set in a rugged casting delivering positive, precise actuation. Worm gear machine screw jacks lift and precisely position loads (1 ton to 100 tons). Upright or inverted jacks operate in tension or compression load. single lead jacks are self-locking. double lead jacks offer increased travel speed and require a brake or external locking device to hold position.


Sample Part Number of Single Face Machine Screw Jacks

0.5 ton Micro-Miniature Machine Screw Actuator

1 Ton Capacity Mechanical Worm Gear Screw Jack

2.5 Ton Capacity Screw Mechanical Lift Jack

5 Ton Capacity Mechanical Actuators Worm Screw

10 Ton Capacity Worm Gear Mechanical Jacks

15 Ton Capacity Mechanical Gear Driven Screw Jack

20 Ton Capacity Mechanical Power Machine Screw Jacks

25 Ton Capacity Mechanical Screw Actuators Lifting Shaft

35 Ton Capacity Worm Gear Actuators Mechanical Lifting Jacks

50 Ton Capacity Mechanisms of Worm Gear Type Mechanical Jack

100 Ton Capacity Worm Gear Mechanical Jack Lift Gearbox

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