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Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuators
Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuators are mechanical actuators where the control knob or handle has been replaced by an electric motor. The mechanical linear actuators typically operate by conversion of rotary motion into linear motion. Electromechanical actuators may also be used to power a motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical torque. Electromechanical cylinders The right alternative to hydraulic cylinders. Linear actuators are electromechanical cylinders designed and produced for industrial light duty applications or for highly automated applications.

0.3-0.7KN electric actuators, screw lift motor

0.7-2KN small motor drive screw actuator, electric lifting screw

1-4KN electric linear screw jack actuator, screw pull motor gear

2-6KN screw actuators electric, electrical motor operated jack

3-8KN ball screw motor actuator, motorised lifting jack

7-12KN screw type electric actuator, gear motor 1 ton actuator

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