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Parallel Electric Linear Actuators

Parallel Electric Linear Actuators are used to replace hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders with electrical linear actuators. An electric motor and a lead screw are much easier to run than a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder. Parallel Heavy Duty Linear Actuators can be self-locking, no chance of a high pressure oil leak and without an additional breaking system, the actuator motion is not controlled. Available lifting force from 100kgf to 25000kgf.


100Kgf Electric actuator is alternative to pneumatic cylinders

250Kgf Electro-Mechanical Actuators replace hydraulic cylinders

500Kgf rod-style linear actuator Electro-Mechanical Cylinders

630Kgf electrical Power Cylinders solve problems hydraulic cylinders

1000Kgf electric actuators precision compared to hydraulic cylinders

1600Kgf hydraulic cylinders with electric-powered linear actuators

2500Kgf electric cylinders alternative to hydraulic actuators

4000Kgf capacity rodless or rod style electric linear actuators

6300Kgf electromechanical actuators more precisely hydraulic systems

8000Kgf Electric actuators direct replacement hydraulic cylinders

10000Kgf electric actuators hydraulic pneumatic system replacements

15000Kgf Rod-Style Actuators replacement for hydraulic cylinders

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