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Cubic Ball Screw Jacks
Cubic Ball Screw Jacks are generally used when the application has a relatively high duty cycle or the input power for a given screw jack is to be minimised. The high efficiency of the ball screw and nut significantly increase the efficiency of a screw jack in comparison to a Machine Screw Jack. Due to their high efficiency they nearly always require a brake motors to hold position. They are used in a wide variety of applications including Automotive, Steel, Glass, Defence, Nuclear and Solar industries.

Sample Part Number of Cubic Ball Screw Jacks

10kN Capacity Worm Gear Ball Screw Jacks

20kN Capacity Higher Duty Cycles Ball Screw Jacks

50kN Capacity Higher Lifting Speeds Screw Jacks with Ball Screws

60kN Capacity Ball Screw Arrangement Worm Gear Lifting Jack

80KN High-performance Ball Screw-jack Gearboxes

90KN Compact Ball Screw Jack with Translating Lifting Screw

150KN Higher Lifting Speeds Screw Jacks Fitted With Ball Screws

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