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Screw Jack with Handwheel
Screw Jack with Handwheel is only suitable for self-locking machine screw jacks in intermittent positioning applications. Note: Ball screw jacks are not recommended to operate by manually, because it has not self lock, will creep down and cause dangerous happen. 


5 ton manual screw jacks 6 1 ratio 12 inch wheel handle gear jack

5 tonnes hand crank wheel anti-rotation keyed screw jack

1 tonne precision control hand crank screw jack

screw jack crank 50 kN 10 in stroke manual gear wheel screw jacks

Miniature 2.5kN manual worm gear screw jack top plate

Handwheel operated quick lift screw jack

0.5kN Smallest hand operation screw jack

Mini 2.5kN hand operated screw jack clevis end

2.5 tons manual electric screw jack

hand wheel 0.5 ton worm gear screw jack

Stainless steel 1ton manual screw jack

Stainless steel 5ton hand operated translating screw jack

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