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Free 3D CAD Models, 2D Drawings for Screw Jacks, Bevel Gearboxes, Lifting Systems, Systems Accessories, Linear Actuators and Geared Motors. 3D CAD Solid Models formats including Solidworks, Pro Engineer, AutoCAD, iges, Step and Adobe PDF. Conventional 2D CAD in PDF, DWG and DXF formats. Contact Us for Products 3D CAD Models, 2D Drawings. 

JTC5 200 mm Manual Screw Jack System 3D CAD Models

JTC200 Screw Jack 2 Meter DC 24V Gear Motor 3D CAD Models

JTW-35T Motorized Screw Jack 500 mm with RF77 Gear motor 3D CAD Models

JTW-35T Electric Screw Jack 400MM with RF47 4kW Gearmotor 3D CAD Model

JTW-35T Travel Nut Jack 2000MM with 5.5kW RF57 Geared Motor 3D CAD

JTW-35T Inverted Screw Jack 500mm and 22kW motor reducer 3D CAD Models

JTW-25T Machine Screw Jack 555MM 0.75KW Motor KF37 Gearbox 3D CAD

JTW-15T Screw Jack 500mm 90 B5 motor adapter flange 3D CAD Models

JTW-15T Travelling Nut Screw Jack 1000mm with Bellows Boots 3D CAD

JTW-10T Screw Jack 1m rod end and 2.2kW 1400RPM motor 3D CAD Models

JTW-10T Handwheel Screw Jack 200 mm Stroke 3D CAD Models

JTW-10T Electric Rotating Screw Jack 2m RF37 Reducer 1.1kw Motor 3D

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