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CAD Drawings
Manufacture and sale screw jacks, bevel gearbox, linear actuators, lifting systems and gear reducers. Looking for 2D, 3D CAD model of them. Contact now!

4 post lift system with handwheel 3d cad model

5 ton jack 25mm shaft gearbox 1.5kw gear motor 3d cad model

5t screw jack traveling nut 915mm 0.55kw KF37 gear motor 3d cad model

5 ton travelling nut actuators 1.1kw 6pole motor flange 3d cad model

10 ton screw jack 500mm KF37 motor reducer 3d cad model

inverted traveling nut screw jacks 2 ton 600mm 3d cad model

upright 2 ton lead screw nut gear jack 193mm 3d cad model

3t traveling nut rotation jacks with 80B5 motor flange 3d cad model

upright 10 ton screw jack 350mm 3d cad model

inverted translating screw jack 30 ton 1000mm stroke 3d cad model

JTP140 right angle bevel gear reducer with two shafts 3d cad model

JTP140 hollow shafts and mounting flanges gearboxes 3d cad model

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