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Screw Jack with Motor
Electric Screw Jack is also called motorized screw jack, it includes a screw jack and a motor. Because it is driven by electric motor, it has higher efficiency than manual screw jack. There are many types motors, for example: AC, DC motor or geared motor, stepper motor and servo motor.

Motorized screw jacks with lifting nut

Worm gear motor screw jack with encoder - Jacton Industry

Electric ball screw lift with 48v dc motor - Jacton Industry

10 ton inverted motorised lifting jacks 3 in with proximity switches

5 tons motorised worm gear lifting jack 44inch with dual speed motor

Motorized worm screw jack with stepper motor - Jacton Industry

dc motorized screw jack lifting 25 kN electric power jacks actuators

25 kN worm electric screw lift jacks 50 mm rise electric powered jack

Acme screws nut screw jack motor drive - Jacton Industry

5 ton 24vdc jack screw 10 inch motorized screw lift jack 24 1 ratio

5 ton motorized worm screw jacks 75mm length with proximity switches

Gear motor electric screw jack actuators with rod ends - Jacton

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