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Screw Jacks Operation Cautions
Read this manual before installation or operation of Jacton screw jacks. Failure to understand this manual, installation or operation screw jack properly could result in damage to the screw jack and or serious personal injury. 
1. Do not exceed the screw jack ratings including design load capacity, travel length, and input speed. Install, align and shield all moving parts properly. Proper machinery installation practices should be followed. Safety codes for mechanical power transmissions apparatus are to be followed. Check for and adhere to all applicable safety codes. Bolts should be sized to fit the screw jack mounting holes, at least grade 5 and tightened to the appropriate torque. Mounting bases should be flat and sufficiently strong to support the load. Properly lubricate and maintain the Jacton product. Use the screw jack only for the intended application. Failure to install, use, or maintain Jacton products could result in product failure and personal injury.
2. This operation manual is applicable to all screw jacks models. Note: Information represents typical configuration and may difference slightly from the actual screw jack being installed or repaired. The maintenance instruction provides recommendations of safe and efficient approach to installation or service repair problems.
When an operating situation occurs, refer to the troubleshooting guide to isolate cause. When applicable, guides are listed by symptom followed with suggestions of probable causes.
3. Once the source of the problem is identified, consult Jacton engineers for disassembly and re-assembly procedures guides for recommended repair procedures.
Screw Jacks Operation Cautions
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