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Screw Jack Systems
Screw Jack Systems Arrangements: Perhaps the greatest single advantage of screw jacks is that they can be linked together mechanically, to lift, lower, move or position in unison. Typical mechanical system arrangements link 2, 4, 6 or 8 screw jacks together and are driven by one motor. As an alternative, screw jacks can be individually driven by electric motors and with suitable feedback devices, such as encoders, be synchronised electronically by a control system.


Worm Screw Jack Systems

Screw Jack Lifting Platform Video

2-Jacks Motorized Worm Gear Lift System

3-Jacks Power Worm Gear Table Lifts

4-Jacks Worm Gear Screws For Vertical Platform Lift

6-Jacks to Build a 6 Corner Worm Jack Screw Table

8-Jacks Motor Worm Gear Drive System

Travelling acme screw jack lifting platform - Jacton Industry

Axially translating screw jack gear drive lifting systems - Jacton

Screw jack translating screw in multi-unit jacking system - Jacton

Upright traveling nut machine screw jack lift system - Jacton Industry

Rotating spindle screw jack with brass lead nut for lift table-Jacton

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