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Home » K Series Helical Bevel Gearmotors
K Series Helical Bevel Gearmotors
K Series Helical Bevel Gearmotors structures are adopt two pairs bevel gears and a pair helical drive ,make the input and output submitting a right angle. Helical bevel drives ,big superposition factor ,strong carrying capacity, drive balanced and credible. Models: K37, K47,K57, K67, K77, K87, K97, K107 K127, K157, K167, K187. KA37, KA47,  KA57,  KA67, KA77, KA87, KA97, KA107, KA127, KA157, KA167, KA187. KAB37, KAB47, KAB57, KAB67, KAB77, KAB87, KAB97, KAB107, KAB127, KAB157, KAB167, KAB187. KF37, KF47, KF57, KF67, KF77, KF87, KF97, KF107, KF127, KF157, KF167, KF187. KAF37, KAF47, KAF57, KAF67, KAF77, KAF87, KAF97, KAF107, KAF127, KAF157, KAF167, KAF187. KAT37, KAT47, KAT57, KAT67, KAT77, KAT87, KAT97, KAT107, KAT127, KAT157, KAB167, KAB187. KAZ37, KAZ47, KAZ57, KAZ67, KAZ77, KAZ87, KAZ97, KAZ107, KAZ127, KAZ157, KAZ167, KAZ187. K: Foot-mounted with solid shaft output. KA: Hollow shaft output. KAB: Foot-mounted with hollow shaft output. KF: Flange-mounted with solid shaft output. KAF: Flange-mounted with hollow shaft output. KAT: Torque-arm-mounted with hollow shaft output. KAZ: Short Flange-mounted with hollow shaft output. Torque (2 stages): 200-2767N.m, Torque (3 stages): 155-50000N.m. Ratio (2 stages): 3.5-6.8, Ratio (3 stages): 8.1-191. Power (2 stages): 1.5-90KW, Power (3 stages): 0.12-200KW. Transmission stage: 2 stage or 3 stage. Mounting mode: foot mounted, B5 or B14 flange mounted, short flange mounted, torque arm mounted. Output shaft: solid shaft, hollow shaft (with key, with shrink disc and with involute spline). About Jacton K Series Helical Bevel Gearmotors 2D Autocad dwg, dxf assembly drawings, and 3D stp, step, model, igs, prt or catpart assembly drawings, please contact us directly. 

K Series Helical Bevel Gearmotors

K37 KA37 KF37 Helical bevel geared motors KAB37 KAF37 KAT37 KAZ37

K47 KA47 KF47 Helical bevel gearmotors and gear reducers KAB47 KAF47

K57 KA57 KF57 geared motors with helical bevel gears KAB57 KAF57 KAT57

K67 KA67 KF67 gear motor helical bevel gearbox KAB67 KAF67 KAT67 KAZ67

K77 KA77 KF77 right-angle helical-bevel gearbox KAB77 KAF77 KAT77 KAZ7

K87 KA87 KF87 compact drive right-angle bevel gearboxes KAB87 KAF87

K97 KA97 KF97 Helical and bevel helical gearmotors KAB97 KAF97 KAT97

K107 KA107 KF107 Right Angle Helical-Bevel Gearmotor and Reducer

K127 KA127 KF127 Right Angle Spiral Bevel Speed Reducers KAB127 KAF127

K157 KA157 KF157 Helical-Bevel Gear Drive KAB157 KAF157 KAT157 KAZ157

K167 KA167 KF167 Helical-bevel gear box KAB167 KAF167 KAT167 KAZ167

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