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Home » JTP Series Stainless Steel Right Angle Gearboxes
JTP Series Stainless Steel Right Angle Gearboxes
Stainless steel right angle gearbox is used wherever the highest requirements for hygiene and corrosion protection exist, for example in humid environments and especially when exposed to seawater. In some sectors of the food industry their use is now indispensable due to hygiene regulations. In this case, the ability to flawlessly clean the machine components must also be guaranteed. Besides a durable material, smooth surfaces are therefore also necessary. Non-magnetic stainless steel shafts that are corrosion resistant and require minimal maintenance. In addition to our standard stainless steel gearboxes, almost all other versions of our bevel gearboxes are also available in stainless steel. For example, different output options such as a hollow shaft, reinforced shaft or additional output shafts can be implemented. We can also offer additional gear ratios.

Stainless Steel Spiral Bevel Gearbox Video

40Nm Stainless Steel Bevel 90 Degree Drive Gearbox

70NM stainless steel 3 way 1 to 1 ratio transmisions,90 degree gearbox

150NM power transmission stainless steel gear box with 90degree output

250NM stainless steel gear box ratio 1 to 1, bevel gear reducer

450NM stainless steel 90 degree bevel gearbox, bevel gears drive

650NM stainless one input drive to two or three output drives gearbox

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