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JTC Series Machine Screw Jacks
JTC Series Machine Screw Jacks is a Cubic Screw Jack featuring a compact and versatile cubic housing. Capacities range from 2.5kN to 500kN with machine screw at present. The cubic design offers modern aesthetics and versatile mounting on two faces of the gearbox, while eliminating the need for upright and inverted variants. Modular and compact cubical design provides maximum adaptability to each specific application.


Lightweight Screw Jack Video

Cubic Machine Screw Jacks Video

Selection Guide of JTC Series Machine Screw Jacks

500 lbs Capacity Worm Gear Mini Machine Screw Jack

1000 lbs Capacity Worm Gear Small Machine Screw Jack

2000 lbs Capacity Machine Screw Jack Worm Gear Actuator

5000 lbs Capacity Mechanical Machine Screw Actuator

50 kN Capacity Machine Lifting Jacks

100 kN Capacity Machine Worm Screw Jacks

150 kN Capacity Screw Jack Machine

200 kN Capacity Jack Lifting Machine Screw Actuator

250 kN Capacity Screw Jack Metric Machine Screw

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