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JT Series Machine Screw Jacks
JT Series Machine Screw Jacks in classic design (also known as a classic acme screw jack, a classic design machine acme screw jack, a classic worm gear acme screw jack) is used to push and pull, lift and lower, open and close, or move to a position and hold by mechanically converting rotary motion into linear motion. The JT series machine screw jacks are available in 9 sizes from JT-0.5T to JT-30T, start from a load capacity of 1/2 ton and can lift up to 30 ton. Worm (or input shaft) is right angled drives to the lifting screw by a hand wheel with crank handle rotate (manual screw jack) or by a motor drive (motorized screw jack). The JT series machine screw jacks can be applied either individually use or combined into a lifting system, linked by connecting shafts, couplings, bevel gearboxes, c-face motor adapters, limit switches, geared motor and couplings etc. About JT Series Machine Screw Jacks 2D Autocad dwg, dxf assembly drawings, and 3D stp, step, model, igs, prt or catpart assembly drawings, please contact us directly.

Selection Guide of JT Series Machine Screw Jacks

1/2 Ton Capacity Acme Threaded Worm Screw Jack

1 Ton Capacity Acme Thread Power Jacks

2 Ton Capacity Acme Thread Rod Drive Jack

3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears

5 Ton Capacity Lifting Jack Acme Screws

10 Ton Capacity 90 Degree Acme Screw Actuators Lift

15 Ton Capacity Self Locking Acme Spindle Lifting Screw Jack

20 Ton Capacity Right Angle Acme Mechanical Screw Jacks

30 Ton Capacity Lifting Nut with Acme Jack Screws

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