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Home » Bevel Gearbox with Hollow Shaft
Bevel Gearbox with Hollow Shaft
Bevel Gearbox with Hollow Shaft is ideal for direct connection of drive shafts and for the insertion of special connecting shafts. By eliminating couplings, they provide a compact solution to torque transmission in small spaces. Different versions with keyway, straight sided splines, involute splines and shrink disc are available.

40Nm 1500RPM double hollow bore right angle drive

70Nm hollow bore miter box, right angle gear box with bevel gears

23.9KW 150Nm right angle bevel bore gearbox hollow shafts

39.3KW 250NM hollow bore right angle drive, 90deg gear drive

67.5KW 450Nm right angle hollow bore gear box, hollow angle drives

90.5KW 650NM 90 degree hollow drives, hollow shaft 90 degree drive

156KW 1200NM gearboxes hollow shaft,1 to 1 gearbox hollow output shaft

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