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3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears

Model: JT-3T-3 Ton-Tr 32x6-Stroke 10-2000MM
Brand Name: Jacton
Order Quantity: MOQ 1pc Acceptable
Product Origin: Guangdong, China
Assembly Drawing: 3D (stp, step, model, igs), 2D (dwg, dxf), PDF
Delivery Time: 10-15 Working Days After Payment
Payment Methods: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram
Transportation Modes: Air Freight, Sea Freight
Shipment Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hongkong
Packages: Strongest Exporting Plywood Cases
3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears is available in 6:1, 12:1 and 24:1 worm gear ratios. The linear motion speed of lifting screw depends on ACME thread size and rotation ratio of worm gears.

Main Features
1. Upright or inverted jacks with maximum static load capacity 3 ton in tension or compression.
2. Self-locking and will hold the loads without creep as long as the screw jack is not subject to vibration.
3. Acme screw with 32mm diameter, 6mm pitch (single lead acme screw thread).
4. Available in 6:1, 12:1 and 24:1 ratios.
5. Custom acme screws travel lengths from 10mm to 2000mm. 
6. Acme translating screw (travelling screw jack), acme keyed screw for anti-rotation(keyed travelling screw jack), and acme rotating screw with travelling nut (travelling nut screw jack) as the standard configurations.
7. Worm (or input shaft) is right angled drives to the lifting screw by a hand wheel with crank handle rotate (manual screw jack) or by a motor drive (motorized screw jack). 
8. Modular System: build a 3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears lifting system from our range of modular components jack screws, drive shafts, couplings, pillow blocks, bevel gearboxes and accessories designed for compatibility and interconnection.

Structures and Materials
- Trapezoidal screw material - C45 steel
- Worm shaft material - C45 steel, heat treatment.
- Worm gear material - bronze
- Housing material - aluminum alloy with anodizing, ductile iron. 
- Traveling nut or Safety nut - bronze  

The specifications of 3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears include maximum load capacity, worm screw diameter and pitch, worm gear ratio, allowable maximum input power, torque and speed and overall efficiency etc. 

1. Conditions: 20% running time/60 minutes or 30% running time/10 minutes, 20 ��C ambient temperature. 
2. H=high ratio, M=medium ratio, L=slow ratio. 
3. kW=input power required, Ton=maximum dynamic load, for maximum static load 3 ton, RPM=input speed required, M/Min=travel speed or lifting speed.
4. Selection of screw jacks using above figures should only be carried out in consultation with Jacton engineers.

Assembly Drawings
Find out 3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears front view, side view and top view assembly drawings. About 2D Autocad dwg, dxf assembly drawings, and 3D stp, step, model, igs, prt or catpart assembly drawings of 3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears, please contact us directly.

Packages and Shipping
- 100% Standard exporting plywood cases (international exporting standard wooden material with free fumigation). 
- Express(Air): Door to door by Air like FEDEX, DHL, UPS, TNT. Incoterms: EXW, DDU. 
- Sea Freight: To destination seaport by Vessel. Incoterms: CIF, FOB, EXW, CFR. 
- Air Freight: To destination airport by Airplane. Incoterms: CFR, EXW, FCA, CPT, CIP. 

How to Correctly Select a Complete Part Number and Place an Order

1. Model Number

- JT-3T, Maximum static load capacity 3 ton.
- Self-locking Trapezoidal screw diameter 32mm, pitch 6mm.  
Important Note: Under compression load, screw jack with long stroke, must check the permissible buckling load. 

2. Jack Configuration and Jack Designs
- US
: Upright mount, Translating Screw Design.
- IS: Inverted mount, Translating Screw Design.
- UR: Upright mount, Rotating Screw Design.
- IR: Inverted mount, Rotating Screw Design.
- UK: Upright mount, Anti-rotation Keyed Screw Design.
- IK: Inverted mount, Anti-rotation Keyed Screw Design.

- Important Note: The lifting screw of Translating Trapezoidal Screw Jack (US or IS) must be attached to the guided load which prevents the lifting screw from rotating. To add the linear guides, linear rails or rolls are recommended.
- Important Note: If your application involves a load which is unattached, unguided or the load is free to rotate and not translate, then an Anti-rotation Keyed Trapezoidal Screw Jack (UK or IK) are required to prevent lifting screw rotation (not recommended).
- Important Note: Double Lead Screw is not self-locking, may lower under load. Brake motors or external locking systems are recommended. 
- Available in Double Clevis Trapezoidal Screw Jack, and Trunnion Mounting Trapezoidal Screw Jack (pivoting load). 

3. Stroke
- Stroke is travel expressed in millimeter(mm) or inches and not the actual screw length.  

4. Worm Gear Ratio
- H: High ratio 6:1, one turn of input shaft, travel length 1.0 mm
- M: Medium ratio 12:1, one turn of input shaft, travel length 0.5 mm
- L: Slow ratio 24:1, one turn of input shaft, travel length 0.25 mm
- Customize the worm gear ratios. 

5. Screw End Conditions
- Standard Trapezoidal Screw End Conditions: top plate(load pad), clevis end(male clevis), plain end, threaded end. Also rod end, and fork head(female clevis) are available. Custom screw ends are acceptable.

6. Input Shaft Codes and Optional Shaft Codes
- Below pictures with Top View
- A: Single Input, Left Side Shaft.             
- B: Single Input, Right Side Shaft.        
- C: Double Input Shafts
- M1: Left Side Shaft, Right Side Motor Flange (Motor Mounts).                                   
- M2: Right Side Motor Flange (Motor Mounts).   
- M3: Right Side Shaft, Left Side Motor Flange (Motor Mounts).                   
- M4: Left Side Motor Flange (Motor Mounts).   

7. Additional Options
- Connection Devices: 
Couplings. Universal joints. Telescopic universal joints. Connecting shafts.
- Screw Protective Devices: Bellows boot. Telescopic spring covers. Rigid Protective tubes.
- Manually operation by Aluminum handwheels, or Cast iron handwheels.
- Motorized driven (AC or DC) by asynchronous motors (normal, YEJ brake, YVP variable frequency, B explosion proof, D multi-speed), stepper motors, servo motors with encoders and controllers. IEC motor flange or NEMA C-Face motor adapter for connect with motors. Frequency inverters.
- Safety Devices: Limit switches. Proximity switches. Safety nuts. Anti-backlash nut. Overload safety couplings. Stop nuts. Position Encoders. Overload clutch. Brake motor. Linear braking elements. Wear detection/monitors. Linear guides and rails. Potentiometer. Pressure sensor.
- Others Accessories: Travel nuts. Position indicators. Trunnion adapter plates. Trunnion mounting brackets. Pillow blocks. Flange blocks. Rod end bearings.

Select or construct a Complete Part Number and Order Quantity of the 3 ton capacity acme screw worm drive right angle gears you wish to purchase. Request A Quote Online directly. We will quote you ASAP. 
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